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Introducing Clever Document Delivery 3.0.0: A Smarter Way to Send Documents

Introducing Clever Document Delivery 3.0.0: A Smarter Way to Send Documents

Learn how the latest update of our app can help you customise and streamline your document delivery process.

Do you event styles or attachments based on their location, payment terms, dimensions or other criteria?

Do you event styles or attachments based on their location, payment terms, dimensions or other criteria?

Then you will love the new version of Clever Document Delivery, the app that lets you send documents with confidence and ease! Clever Document Delivery 3.0.0 is packed with an exciting new feature that will transform the way you send documents. 

Say Hello to Styles Codes and Doc. Type Assignments.

What are style codes?

Style Codes allow you to group Document Types by a particular style. Take for example a set of VIP customers, who receive extra attachments with offers. Or maybe a type of style which applies a different watermarking, letterhead or a more spruced up email body. 

It’s as simple as setting up a list of different style codes, and then assigning them to Document Types.

Screenshot showing the location of Style Code in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

You’ll notice the Style Code added to various document headers. These are where the Style Code and Clever Document Delivery actions are supported. The Style Code flows through to the posted documents, so you don’t have to worry about reassigning them when sending the posted documents via Clever Document Delivery. 

What is Doc. Type Assignment?

Doc. Type Assignments are a way to determine which Document Type is suitable for your current document. For Document Delivery to know which document to assign, it needs to know which criteria your document must meet before qualifying. For example, Document Type SO will only apply where the Sales Order is being Shipped-to France. The Doc. Type Assignment would look as follows:

You’ll find the action Doc. Type Assignments on the Document Type card.

From here you will be able to choose any of the Primary Table fields and set a filter against them. 

This is just one example, but the combinations are countless. You can add more than one Doc. Type Assignment against a Document Type allowing for complex scenarios. Using any of the fields on the Primary Table to work out which Document Type and Style Code combination to use. It will also allow you to choose any bespoke fields on the Primary Table, or any fields added by our other Clever Apps.

Can I still choose the Document Type at runtime?

Existing users of Clever Document Delivery may be familiar with the Document Type Selection Screen. Where the user could choose the Document Type that would be used when sending or queueing an email. 

This has now been replaced with a field on the Document Header (Sales Header, Purchase Header etc..), where the user can choose the Document Type they want to be used. If it's left blank, Clever Document Delivery will use the Doc. Type Assignment logic to work out the Document Type to use or will fall back on the Default Document Type for this Source Table. 

We now have the Doc. Type Summary page which still provides some of the same features as the Doc. Type Selection screen. Not visible by default, as not all customers require the extra summary or want the additional flexibility. You can enable the Doc. Type Summary screen from the Document Delivery Setup page. 

For all you need to know about Clever Document Delivery, visit the product page.

For more details on how to set up Doc. Type Assignments and Styles visit our Clever Dynamics Docs Site or get in touch.