Clever Payment Plan for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Available on Microsoft AppSource

Need a payment solution that allows you to offer a flexible payment option to your customers?

Clever Payment Plan does what is says on the tin! It takes the pre-payments functionality already standard within Dynamics 365 Business Central and expands it even further so you can offer flexible payment options to your customers.

Clever Handheld for Warehousing

Easily implement & assign payment plans

Clever Payment Plan makes implementing payment plans easier. By creating or using the default templates, you can simply add them to the required customer card and go. There are several different triggers that can be added to the templates for the invoices to be generated, based on Dates or Events such as, On Release, First Shipment, Last Shipment or Delivery Date. Not only these but also the trigger can be based on the total Percentage amount of the sales order value or even Fixed Amounts which is particularly useful for customers who place the same orders every time. You can even set different payment terms for orders on payment plans, easily overriding the set terms if required. You don’t even need to click a button to assign payment plans, once the template has been created, you could just set the system to auto create payment plans for certain customers on release of sales orders – easy peasy!

More visibility & flexibility

With new fields on Business Central sales orders, it’s hassle-free to see all the information you need on that one page! Auto create payment plans on release of sales orders and see the payment plan number. A new informative fact box also allows users visibility of what's been posted and how much is left to invoice of the plan.

For even further flexibility and to keep an eye on problematic payers, you can exclude invoices from being sent out so you only schedule to send the invoices you want paying. It’s also possible to schedule invoice creation via job queues so you can just set up and leave it to automatically send out customer invoices.

It’s straightforward to gather reporting of payment plans too. Using new list pages, you can see data on sales invoices and posted sales invoices created by using payment plans.

Easy setup using setup wizards

Includes default templates using general ledgers to post invoices

Auto-create payment plans on release of a sales order

New fields and fact boxes on sales order for visibility of assigned payment plan

Sales invoice and posted sales invoice reporting for payment plan insights

Ability to exclude invoices from being ran if required

Ditch manual postings, auto post invoices instead

Use invoice reversals directly from the payment plans to make creating applied Sales Credit memos easy

Do you want to expand the pre-payment functionality even further so you can offer flexible payment options to your customers.

Then Clever Payment Plan is for you!