Clever Trade Plus for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Available on Microsoft AppSource

Clever Trade Plus includes all the trading tools and functionality your business needs. It enhances the existing standard trade features within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and increases productivity and efficiency during purchasing and sales processes.

Want to make upselling easy? Clever Trade Plus allows you to place customer orders quickly, store re-order exclusions and see re-ordering substitutions. On the sales order you can now see a reorder list which will show item substitutions, variant codes, date of last sale and quantity last ordered, as well as the ability to input the quantity the customer wants to order. All the product information you need for reordering is now available in one view so there’s no need to switch between screens! 

Clever Handheld for Warehousing

Blanket orders are often a customer bugbear but now Clever Trade Plus has introduced new features to give users greater visibility and control.

You can now easily specify the time frame for blanket orders to be used and utilise the new Auto Consumption feature which will allow for manually added items on Sales or Purchase Orders to automatically connect to the relevant Blanket Order and Line, automatically consuming the quantity available in stock. If item level restrictions are needed you can now define if items are to be used only for blanket orders, restricting other users from being able to select them and holding the needed stock.  

Never ship to the wrong address again!

Clever Trade Plus contains a new mandatory ship-to-code field to ensure that the right delivery address is selected every time for sales orders. Just set a default delivery address and sleep easy knowing that once set the order will always turn up at the right address – no nasty surprises! 

Tired of how many versions of documents are lingering in your Business Central system?

Are these multiple versions using up space within your system? At the moment you will currently get an archived version saved every time documents are re-opened. Clever Trade Plus streamlines the archiving process, ensuring that only the most relevant copies are kept. Using this feature, your sales and purchase orders are automatically archived when the document is released, limiting the number of archive versions and space used. It’s also possible to retain invoiced sales or purchases and return orders using Clever Trade Plus, just select the documents you want to keep visible.  


Do you want to get paid quicker?

Enhanced document number controls could help with that! We have taken the standard functionality of Business Central which checks to see if an external document reference already exists when posting a document and enhanced it – now you check for duplicates earlier in the process, at release of an order. Should a duplicated code be entered on sales orders, sales invoices or posted sales invoice, a notification will appear letting you know as well as showing you the existing documents it features on. By entering a unique customer reference code there’s less invoice admin for the customer, meaning you get your money quicker - win-win! 

Similar functionality also allows you to prohibit the use of duplicated item references for customer, vendor or barcodes. If you’re happy to use duplicated item references that’s fine too, just switch this on and away you go!  

As you will already know keeping a close eye on sales and purchase orders is vital to businesses, so we have introduced two features in Clever Trade Plus which will make this a breeze

Missed amendments causing problems when it comes to the dreaded audit? Now you will see a log of all changes made on blanket orders, quotes, orders, return orders, invoices or credit memos. You can now also see enhanced statuses of items. When new inventory items have been added or the status of an existing item has been changed, approval will need to be given – always making sure that the right status is attached to the right item as wrong statuses could result in sales or purchases being blocked.  

This app collection really is jam-packed with everything you need to receive inventory and take orders efficiently, as well as giving you greater visibility and all the data you need at your fingertips.